Letter: Positive comment on PRAVDA reporting

As a citizen of the United States, if I had written this letter to your paper, The Pravda, during the mid-1950's, I would have been labeled a communist by the McCarthy witch hunters.  Yet I must admit that in reading a rather good number of news papers world wide on the internet, The Pravda is one that I read the most frequent.  I find that the articles published here are quite informative and very straight forward.  May I comment in a positive manner on, Timothy Hinchey, I find the gentleman has a very strong opinion and mannerisms in his articles.  I read his articles with great interest. 
In regards to global issues, I strongly disagree with President Bush with his mannor in handling the response on terrorism.  Anywhere in the world media or US media, I have not found where Iraq or its former president or dictator, Suddam Hussien, had anything to do with the 911 attacks.   Mr. Bush has to date not proven to the world that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Or by intelligence information that Iraq was a threat to my country or any other country in the world.  Also to question the media report if there is any truth involved in it. To the effect during October 2003. The report read Colin Powell would not stay on for a Bush reelection if in fact the claims of the U S are true that Osama Bin Laden was the master mind behind the 911 terrorist attacks.  I question why did the U S military end up being inserted into Iraq and not sent to the areas that U S intelligence claimed Osama was holed up and hiding.
May I mention that the Pravda along with a small number of newspapers outside the borders of the U S  did a large amount of reporting on Haliburton and illegal activities of that company.  Roughly six weeks after those reports.  Two reporters of The Time Magazine, reported the same material but omitted or censored out information pointing fingers at those involved in illegal activities at Haliburton. 
To go on.  Since the second  NASA  space shuttle disaster.  The space efforts In the U S have been stalled.  NASA is being given little money to continue its efforts.  The international space station has all but been left to decay. In the most part leaving Russia paying most of the expenses and being the only country left to service the space station from its cosmodrome.
Ed La Plante   [email protected]

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova