Iraqi Governing Council against USA

The heavy-handed tactics used by the US troops has brought them hatred throughout Iraq, despite claims by Colin Powell to the contrary.

IGC calls for political settlement as US troops massacre hundreds of Iraqis 450 dead, over 1,000 wounded is the balance of one week of fighting in Fallujah, provoking the US-appointed IGC to call for a truce while a political settlement is brokered.

The heavy-handed tactics used by the US troops has brought them hatred throughout Iraq, despite claims by Colin Powell to the contrary. The Sunni and Shia militants have now united against the invading forces and in mass demonstrations are chanting "We are not Sunni! We are not Shia! We are Iraqis! No to America!"

Not only is the Sunni triangle in chaos, fighting has spread across the centre and south of the country, with thousands of angry insurgents taking up arms, as the death toll on both sides rises. Sources inside Iraq have presented as evidence the messages of a growing number of British and US troops and security personnel, which claim that the situation is alarming.

One member of the IGC has accused the US forces of genocide after it became clear that the governing council was not consulted by the US military authorities about the offensive, in which 450 Iraqis have been murdered and 1,000 wounded by US troops. For many people, the precision-bombing of a packed Mosque and the subsequent defense of the strike by the Pentagon, was the last straw.

The offensive in Iraq was badly planned and disastrously executed. While Bush regime tries to put on a brave face, if anyone had said one year ago that they would be facing growing and organised resistance, not sporadic attacks by thugs, as Washington claims, one year after the fall of Baghdad, certainly the reply would have been that this scenario was not planned for nor was it desirable.

Now the same regime calls on the UNO and the International community to help, broadening the base of troop deployment inside Iraq - the same international community Washington refused to listen to a year ago, the same UNO derided by Bush as "a league of nations". The Bush regime refused to go through the UN Security Council as it pushed for its illegal war, based on lies, forgery, bullying and blackmail, before it massacred thousands of civilians, deploying cluster bombs in packed civilian areas and attacked civilian structures with precision weaponry.

The result of this policy is obvious - abject failure, total chaos and a spirit of hatred from all quarters. This is the legacy of the evil Bush regime in its death throes.

Rest in Peace, the world will never forget you.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov