Liz Truss, the epitome of Lite Western diplomacy

Reading through what Liz Truss says and writes, it is difficult to keep a straight face. Her surname means “coward” in Russian.

Liz Truss...Elizabeth Mary Truss. As a politician, she is all over the place. She started off with the Liberal Democrats, saw she was going nowhere then did a spectacular turncoat act and joined the Tories. She represents Her Majesty the Queen as her Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs but is allegedly said to have entertained Republican feelings in the past. So now, let us see what she has to say about Russia, the context of this piece.

More insolence from a British Foreign Secretary

A British Foreign Secretary mouthing off about Russia. Sheer, unadulterated insolence, lies and utter nonsense. What a surprise. It seems to be a mandatory requirement by the British Establishment to be a Russophobic as*hole. Nothing about the Soviet Union saving Britain’s skin in the Great Patriotic War (World War Two) and losing 26 million souls in the process, nothing about 90 per cent of Wehrmacht assets being lost on the Eastern Front.

Nothing indeed about the Chagos Isles, you know when the United Kingdom forcibly deported the entire population of these Indian Ocean Isles, gassed their pets (I repeat, GASSED THEIR PETS), transported the population to another country and handed the islands over to the Chief Bedmaster, the one who controls Britain’s foreign policy, the USA.

She did mention Chechnya, you know, where western powers sponsored terrorists before the people of Chechnya voted massively to remain part of the Russian Federation. She also said something quite extraordinary, the cherry on the cake, pull up a chair ladies and gentlemen, the epitome of Lite Western diplomacy, with a small d. She said that Vladimir Putin wanted to recreate the Soviet Union. 

“Trus” in Russian means “coward”

One wonders whether Liz Truss (a word which means “coward” in Russian) knows what she is talking about. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was composed of fifteen republics, namely Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bielo-Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and the Russian Federation. After the voluntary dissolution of the Union (a political decision made by those in power without asking the people), catered for under the terms of the Soviet Constitution, the Russian Federation continues to be the largest country in the world, with swathes of territory unpopulated, and so hardly needs Lebensraum in the former member states of the Union.

Speaking about the Soviet Union, where British operationals were sent to conduct operations involving sabotage, terrorism and murder, even so the social model provided public services for free – electricity, gas, water, housing, which was guaranteed so zero homelessness, guaranteed job so zero unemployment, public transportation, even food and drinks, leisure time activities, all free, safety on the street and security of the State, social mobility, indexed pension, opportunities to travel abroad, while all the time Russia’s so-called “partners” were sticking the knife in its back, sending in terrorists, murderers and saboteurs.

What Russia does today is merely to represent an umbrella of protection for Russians living in the former republics of the USSR, some of which have not yet fulfilled their obligations as per nationality and ethnic issues under the terms of the above-mentioned constitution in the event that the Union dissolved. Georgia was one of these. It refused to fulfil its obligations under the Soviet Constitution to solve nationality issues then attacked Russian peace-keepers, murdering them, in South Ossetia. Then everyone blamed Russia. What did Russia do? It conducted a very low-key operation, stabilising the region and catering for the nationality issues as per the Constitution (which Georgia was supposed to have done).

NATO. Firstly, a barefaced liar

Let us start with what NATO is. It is the cutting edge of the military-industrial complex and its friendly lobbies. It is also a barefaced liar. It promised not to encroach eastwards if the Warsaw Pact was dissolved, but it did, several times. So from Russia’s perspective, it sees NATO moving in and forming a vice around its throat, with Ukraine being the last piece of the puzzle before Belarus on the western front. The fact that NATO refuses to give guarantees that Ukraine will not join, means that it obviously has plans for this in the future, then we will have NATO forces massed from north to south, waiting to pounce after a colour revolution in Moscow. Why? To carve Russia up into pieces and take its massive resources. We already have NATO doing exercises in the Baltic to the north, and entering the Black Sea to the south. Ukraine is in the center.

Vladimir Putin stands for Russian interests, Russian resources controlled and managed by Russians for Russians and if he does not take a stand now, what is going to happen? Russia is not going to sit back and wait for NATO to start causing problems internally. They have already tried. Many were the communications intercepted among Chechen terrorists in American English; as was audible the order “Get back inside” as NATO advisors did a sterling job in Georgia as they ran screaming from the Spetznaz. But the fact that Russian forces are massed inside Russia does not mean that they will invade, unlike the British forces which openly invaded Iraq without a casus belli, unlike the British troops which had boots on the ground in Libya contravening the terms of UNSC 1970 and 1973 (2011).  Russian troops in Russia is a different matter from British troops overseas.

The troops are there to show that Russia is prepared for whatever is coming, it does not mean that an invasion is planned.

The true picture in Ukraine

And now to finish, let us inform Liz Truss about what really happened in Ukraine. Fascist thugs deposed the democratically elected President, shouted “Death to Russians” and carried out massacres of Russian speaking Ukrainians in eastern Ukraine. Cleaning ladies were strangled with telephone wire. Does Liz Truss find that funny? So from her mouth we hear nothing of this backdrop, the reason why the citizens of Donbass took up arms to defend themselves from the Fascists. I would wager she does not even know that these things happened.

The bottom line is that certain western powers would have felt more comfortable with Hitler, as it is patently obvious today. Otherwise why would they commit terrorist acts inside the Soviet Union for decades, as British operationals did, why would they side with Fascists, and why would they regard the one who defeated Hitler as an enemy? If Russia is not an enemy, why is NATO building up in Estonia? Why is it encroaching eastwards? Why does it support terrorist groups inside Russia? Why does it enter the Black Sea?

Is Liz Truss the chief diplomat of Her Majesty the Queen? Is Liz Truss a Diplomat with a capital D? Or is she a foul-mouthed, pig-ignorant guttersnipe of the worst kind, a cowardly Fascist parasite insulting her own country with her sh*t-headed, sh*tfaced, unfounded lies? (apology to pigs). Just asking. One might imagine that the Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary of the United Kingdom would be polite, educated, informed, with kudos and gravitas, not a lightweight Lite version of some kind of populist joke who knows jack about squat.

What the UK needs is a Diplomat who knows the dossiers, has a full grasp of what is really going on, understands that the spider at the center of the web is not Russia, but NATO, and admits that it is NATO’s plan to dismember Russia, steal her resources and then move on to the last station on the railway line, the People’s Republic of China. The UK should be positioning itself not as the USA’s chief yapping chihuahua, as it is called by everyone outside the UK from north to south, east to west, ridiculed and totally disrespected. The UK should be fostering Development and Education, it should remember that wars and conflict are wholly disrespected and unwanted by everyone and that there are pressing global issues in which we all need to pull together.

Truss and Brexit

It is clear that the United Kingdom, or at least England, has issues with pulling its weight like everyone else unless it gains some advantage, since it considers itself superior to all others. This is clear with Brexit, the most idiotic decision taken by any country in history and a clear example of a geo-popltical-economic gaffe of monumental proportions which will provide material for doctorate theses for decades to come. And guess what? Liz Truss is responsible for UK/EU post-Brexit talks. So in 2016 she supported “Remain”. But after the referendum she changed her mind and in 2017 was a Brexit supporter.

She is also close to Neo-Liberal think tanks and in 2011 founded the Free Enterprise Group. Maybe someone should ask her what that means for her National Health Service, like, does she plan to break it up and sell pieces to private interests, such as insurance companies?

So we see, Liz Truss is in fact all over the place. She has had a foot in two different political parties, has taken two different viewpoints on Brexit, so what weight does anything she says have? The opinion of somebody is as valid as the person her/himself. So let us take Liz Truss’ comments on Russia as coming from a vapid nonentity without a grasp of the facts, one whose views amount to piss and wind, hot air and guff.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey can be reached at [email protected]


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey