Suddenly, the Democrats are willing to fund the wall

By Paul Nathan

The word that shook the world

Months ago, Lindsay Graham told the Congress in testimony that America should not be accepting immigrants from "hellholes around the world". Trump said the same thing using a four letter world and the world came unglued including Lindsay Graham who criticized him severely for the statement.

Most of the criticism however, came from the Left, which I found laughable since I have to endure the blipping of the F Bomb being used on the Grammy's, the Emmy's, The Oscars, and every late night live TV show nightly to the extent that I can hardly make out what is being said. And let us not forget the infamous statement of Vice President Biden in describing the signing of the Affordable Care Act on a live mic that "This is a big deal."

But of course the assertion was that Trump uttered a racist statement. Personally, I ignore what and how Trump says things. It is unimportant. What IS important are the policies he has and wants to put into law. The desire to change our immigration system from a lottery system to a merit system is a good one. And as to Trumps alleged racism, a merit system is color blind. It ignores race, and even religion, and country of origin and focuses on specifically merit and qualifications with the intent to bring the best and brightest from everywhere in the world into this country.

That is not a racist policy -- it is just the opposite. So regardless of how inelegantly Trump phrased that concept, it is the merit system he is asking for. But CNN used the profane word on their news show around the clock, according to some tallies, 195 times last week with one obvious goal in mind: To destroy Trump and his credibility and in doing so, gain ratings. That is their mission. They failed.

One more observation about Trump and racism. I don't believe Trump is a racist. However, I do know he says racist things. He just never acts on them. I'll give you an example. Remember Archie Bunker? All In The Family, was the number one watched TV show at one time in this country. Archie was a beloved racist. (Hard to believe now-a-days, isn't it.) But Archie Bunker wouldn't hurt a fly, and everyone knew it. He talked rough and like Trump and was politically incorrect most of the time, but he was a likable character.

One of the most memorable scenes in the series was an episode when Sammy Davis Jr. came to his house. Archie was a big fan, but also, an obvious bigot. But his star-struck response overwhelmed his discomfort of having a negro in his house. They got along famously and at the end of the show Sammy kissed Archy!  The expression of horror on his face was one that no one could ever forget. America went into one big national belly laugh!

How far we have fallen from those innocent times.

The Medical Exam

The Left together with the Press pushed the narrative that Trump colluded with the Russians. That hasn't worked out so well, so they switched to Trump was a war monger who was leading us into nuclear war. But then North and South Korea began talking for the first time in years and have now decided to march together at the Olympics. The idea that Trump might actually be resolving the problems between the two nations could not be tolerate so they switched once again to Trump is crazy and not fit to be President and must be removed.

But then the Presidents Doctor came out to give the Press the results of the medical exam he conducted on the President, and it was glowing. Trump has the physical condition of a much younger man with "excellent genes and amazing cardiovascular functions". The Press immediately went on the offensive and questioned the Good Doctor for nearly an hour.

Now you need to know that this is the same Doctor that was the Doctor for Obama, and Bush. He is non-partisan and only deals in medical facts. The questioning immediately turned to Trumps mental capacity. To the incredulity of the Press, the findings were perfect. In a mental test used by experts, Trump scored 30 out 30 questions correctly.

But the questions continued one after another. Were there signs of Dementia. "No". Were there early signs of Alzheimer? "No".  Were there signs of any mental disease? "No". Were there signs of moodiness, slowness, inattentiveness? "No". Not only was every theory ever put forward by those who never examined the President shot down, but the foremost expert on Trumps health that spends time with him every day, says Trump is sharp, coherent, and in perfect health able to perform his duties and should live a very long time.

The Press Core left the news conference deflated and depressed in urgent need of psychological guidance.


I'm for DACA. Most people are. Most know that these young people at the time had no choice to come here. But since then, this is the only home they know. To deport them would be to send them to a foreign country, and this would be cruel and unusual punishment for a crime they did not commit.

I think Trump missed a chance to resolve this situation at the famous Tuesday's meeting. All he had to do is to ask for a show of hands of those who would vote for DACA and raise his hand. My guess is at least 80% would have raised their hands. Then he should have asked "who is for border security", and raise his hand. Who is NOT for border security? Then he should have said "Fine. Write it up and I'll sign it." They could then argue about the details. 

But the Democrats were willing to shut down the government if they didn't get a clean bill with DACA. A clean bill is defined as everything they want without giving up anything in return. They refuse to compromise. Well, that didn't work.

What I find incredible is that they were willing to close down the government to protect illegal immigrants, but not willing to protect Americans FROM illegal immigrants. This is a perversion not seen in American politics in our entire history. Like I say, I'm for DACA but I am also for America First, not illegal immigrants first. 

As of today we're back to business as usual, but one thing did change from the government shutdown. Suddenly, the Democrats are willing to fund the wall.

Paul Nathan

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