Mobile phones: is it safe?

Can it breaks double-strand &to=http://' target=_blank>DNA ? Radio frequency radiation from mobile phones can damage living organisms such as rats or mice…

Radio frequency radiation from &to=' target=_blank>mobile phones can damage DNA in laboratory conditions, European researchers said in a recent study.

A broad-based research effort of 12 different projects, all under the heading of REFLEX, which is funded by the European Union, has been studying the impact of low-energy electromagnetic radiation, like that put out by typical cell phones.

Cells in the lab showed a significant increase in single- and double-strand DNA breaks when exposed to radio frequencies typical for mobile &to=' target=_blank>phones , the research results showed. Over a 24 hour period, cells exposed to such radiation in patterns of five minutes on, ten minutes off had about double the frequency of DNA damage of a control group, informs Computer World.

"But these results can't be readily transferred to human beings. Isolated cell systems are something entirely different from complete organisms."