Bush commented Clarke's remarks.

After the meeting with the Cabinet George Bush commented the suggestion of former counterterrorism advisor Clarke that he had understated the threat of al Qaeda before September 11th.

The US President said that CIA briefed him on a regular basis about the terrorist threats to the United States of America. And had the US administration had any information that terrorists were going to attack New York City on September the 11th, it would have acted. George Bush emphasised that the US authorities have been chasing down al Qaeda ever since the attacks, have captured or killed two-thirds of their known leaders, and are still pursuing them.

PRAVDA.RU newspaper wrote earlier that George W. Bush's foreign policy does not seriously differ from the line followed by his predecessors: other American presidents also sent US soldiers to different parts of the world for "establishing democracy". But none of the previous American presidents did it on such far-fetched pretexts that the incumbent American president has done. The war in Iraq resulted in thousands of killed civilians, escalating the tension between Western and Islamic world, series of terrorist attacks around the globe - this all was caused by Bush's far-sighted policy.

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