Russian senator speaks of the efficiency of WTO and criticises OSCE

The annulment of the restrictions on steel imports, introduced by the USA, testifies to the efficiency of the World Trade Organisation as an international organisation, Mikhail Margelov, chairman of the Federation Council international committee, said on Friday in the conversation with reporters.

"The international institutions are undergoing a kind of test today for the ability to function. The WTO, as the main arbiter in economic relations between the states, has proved to be able to make all participants in the world market, including the strongest one, the USA, observe the rules of the game," pointed out the Russian senator.

"This is indicative for the Russian foreign policy. In our relations with international institutions we should follow one principle - any decision must meet the national interests of the country," he believes.

"If the WTO can guarantee the national economies the observance of their interests, in this case we must enter the WTO, and must use our membership in that organisation as an instrument for our own economic development. If the United Nations is really the platform where Russia influences international politics, then we must protect the integrity of this organisation. If the anti-terrorist coalition contributes to our own security, then we must strengthen the unity of this coalition," said the senator.

At the same time, according to Margelov, there are also "not very much constructive institutions the participation in which does not bring any results except fruitless discussions." "The OSCE is one of the examples, it is an absolute survival of the detente epoch and of the peaceful coexistence of the two systems," said Mikhail Margelov.

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