Russia, Britain exchange opinions of each other in Novosti probe

Novosti has arranged opinion probes in Russia and the UK to see what the two nations think of each other.

Typical Russians just make both ends meet though they are a hard-working lot, said a majority of the British pollees. Russians are poor, said 24%. They are industrious, added another 11%. Russians are well-educated and docile, said 3%. A mere 2% came down on Russians as cruel, aggressive and unfriendly. 28% said they had no idea of a typical Russian.

Joseph Stalin ranked first among famous Russians, Mikhail Gorbachev and Vladimir Lenin coming next. 15% of respondents also mentioned Vladimir Putin. The celebrity list also included Yuri Gagarin, Leo Tolstoy and Grigory Rasputin. Certain pollees mentioned the Royalty and a few literary classics.

As for Russians, 13% pointed out their high opinion of the British. "People as any others," said 8%. "A typical Briton is a gentleman," remarked 7%. 3% highlighted conservatism and dedication to tradition as salient features, and 2% said the British were pedantic. 51% had nothing to say about the typical Briton.

Dame Margaret Thatcher came first among British celebrities, the Royalty and Sir Winston Churchill following. Next came the Beatles, Tony Blair and William Shakespeare. 1% mentioned Sherlock Holmes.

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