Vershbow: Russia Should Not Contribute to Building of Atomic Power Plant in Bushehr

Washington believes that Moscow should not contribute to the accomplishment of the project on the building of an atomic power plant in Bushehr (Iran), US Ambassador to Moscow Alexander Vershbow said as much at a conference, "Russia in Global Politics".

Iran started work on uranium enrichment long ago, the ambassador stressed. "Iran continues building an atomic power plant in Bushehr with Russia's help. Spent fuel is supposed to return to Russia, however, Iran is conducting secret activities to use spent fuel for the production of weapons-grade plutonium," the ambassador said.

The problem of nuclear non-proliferation is of vital importance today, Vershbow stressed. According to him, the actions by the US-British coalition in Iraq were originally aimed at a peaceful solution to the nuclear non-proliferation problem in this country. "Unfortunately, the UN Security Council's policy did not make Saddam obey our demands," the ambassador said. According to him, Washington believes it "tried to solve this problem legitimately." North Korea and Iran should guarantee the complete observation of the non-proliferation regime after the accomplishment of the operation in Iraq, Alexander Vershbow said. "Nuclear energy should be used only for peaceful purposes without any attempts to produce weapons of mass destruction," the ambassador stressed.

Vershbow also expressed concern about North Korea's nuclear programme. According to him, Pyongyang can start selling its nuclear programmes just as it is trying to sell its missiles. The adherence to the Treaty on the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons is of key importance today, the ambassador said.

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