G-8 Countries Discuss Utilization of Russian All-Purpose Nuclear Submarines

A two-week international seminar on the problem of utilizing all-purpose nuclear submarines in the North-West Federal District of Russia opened yesterday in Severodvinsk at the Zvezdochka shipyard. The seminar is featuring at least 30 foreign specialists from G-8 countries (Belgium, Norway, Great Britain, the US), Canada and Italy as well as around 60 Russian specialists and scientists.

According to Zvezdochka Press Secretary Nadezhda Shcherbinina, only strategic nuclear submarines have been utilized by enterprises in the defense industry of the North-West Federal District until now. The US and Norway have provided financial assistance in this area. The Russian Ministry for Atomic Energy believed it was necessary to discuss the problem of using all-purpose nuclear submarines as many of the submarines currently water-borne contain unprocessed fuel, which is not only dangerous for the North-West Federal District but for the whole international community.