40 Russian polar explorers to get evacuated from Magdalena Oldendorff

Some 40 Russian polar explorers are being evacuated on Friday from the Magdalena Oldendorff vessel trapped in ice off Antarctica to the South African rescue ship Agulhas. Two Oryx helicopters will make 2 flights each to the stranded vessel.

There are some 340 km between this German vessel and the Agalas now and it takes Oryx helicopters 3.5 hours to get there with the average speed of 220 km per hour. The flights will be launched and finished at night as Antarctic day lasts some 4 hours only.

The Agulhas and the Magdalena will floodlight the way for the rescue helicopters.

On June 27th, the Oryxes for the first time reached the Magdalena Oldendorff with 79 Russian polar explorers and 28 crew on board. They delivered 400 kg of food to the vessel and took 22 Russians on board in a return flight.

Each Oryx, provided its modification and cargo weight allow, can passenger 9 or 12 people.

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