Russian Lada-2112 cars to be assembled in Yugoslavia

The Yugoslav enterprise Zastava and the Russian VAZ (Volga Motor-Car Factory) intend to sign an agreement on the assembly of 60,000 Lada car in the city of Kragujevac, Yugoslavia. According to the data provided by the local agency Fonet, representatives of the Togliatti enterprise are to arrive in Kragujevac soon to sign a document on the annual assembly of 60,000 Lada-2112 cars. The Russian cars are expected to be sold in the markets of Eastern-European countries and a part of them is designed for Yugoslav consumers. Several Russian cars have already been undergoing tests at the institute of the Kragujevac enterprise and, according to unofficial data, Zastava assembly lines have been prepared for Lada assembly. Zastava believes that the agreement with the Togliatti enterprise will provide for regular currency receipts and new jobs.