Kyoto: nice idea but how to implement?

The European commissioner for Energy and Transportation has declared that the only way the European Union can implement the terms of the protocol of Kyoto is by turning to nuclear energy.

Loyola de Palacio, EU Commissioner for Energy and Transportation, declared in an interview published by Italian newspaper La Razoni, that “without nuclear energy, the European Union has no means of respecting its commitments under the Protocol of Kyoto”.

She added that “outside electoral interests, Europe must have a rational, objective and transparent debate because nuclear energy is a stabilising factor for prices and it guarantees supply”. Any decision to build more nuclear power plants is sure to meet with strong opposition from Green Party activists and other ecologist pressure groups.

Regarding alternative energy sources, such as wind and wave power, Loyola de Palacio declared that “these do not have the capacity to substitute nuclear energy”, which allows Europe to cut 300 million tonnes of Carbon DiOxide emission every year.

Meanwhile, green Party activists in African nations are growing more powerful. The African Federation of Ecological parties united activists from 20 countries at the weekend in Dakar, to strengthen the movement.

Adamou garba, Secretary-General of the Federation, said that ecological issues “have already become an issue in Africa, where the Green Parties have become implanted and participate actively in political life”.


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