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Russian Parliament Counts On U.s. To Match Closure Of Russian Base On Cuba

Having made a decision to close the Russian military base on Cuba, Russia has the right to hope for a matching step on the part of the United States, said Friday Deputy Chairman of the Defense Committee of the Federation Council - Upper House of Russian Parliament - Vladimir Kulakov. He reminded that from 1998 an American Globus 2 radar station with the range of 35,000 km is located on the territory of Norway. "By closing our military base on Cuba, we are doing away with a relic of the cold war and can hope that the Globus 2 in Norway may also be liquidated," Mr. Kulakov said. Closures of military bases on Cuba and in Vietnam will allow Russia to free up to $500 million, Mr. Kulakov stated. According to him, Russia was spending $200 million a year to maintain the military base on Cuba. The rent of the base in Vietnam cost $300 million. The money saved as a result of the closures will be allocated in particular to increase spending on defense in the 2002 budget, social protection of military personnel, and law enforcement activities.