Lukashenko: Relations With Russia Remain Priority In International Policy Of Belarus

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko said relations with Russia were "a priority in international policy of Belarus". Lukashenko said this while submitting the candidacy of a new prime minister to the parliament. According to the Belarussian President, the relations between Belarus and Russia are "an indisputable axiom". He said, at the same time, that the bilateral relations must be considered in a broader context of equal membership in European organisations. Belarus needs full-scale contacts with the West, Lukashenko added. According to him, Belarus regards integration into the world community as a vital task and it is ready for a fruitful dialogue with the West. While speaking on the world community's efforts to combat international terrorism, Lukashenko said that this evil originates from "poverty, human rights abuse in many countries of the world." Lukashenko said that the State Security Committee had worked out a draft of a new anti-terrorism law. "We shall gradually elaborate a strategy to fight against this evil," he added.