New Clashes In Palestine Cause Moscow's Anxiety

New clashes in the West Bank arouse Moscow's increasing concern, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry press-release devoted to the aggravated Middle East crisis. The document points out at the bloody incident that occurred at an Arab village close to Ramallah, where an Israeli army operation had caused numerous casualties among Palestinians. People were killed and injured in other areas, too. This may, in fact, entail an overwhelming Palestinian-Israeli confrontation. Such a state of things presents a real threat to international stability, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry. The press-release emphasizes that now both parties have become especially responsible for curbing the dangerous escalation, easing tension, implementing their commitments to ceasing violence and settling the situation. The reliance on force is ineffective and can entail but further aggravation, the Russian Foreign Ministry emphasizes. The statement also contains an appeal to the Israelis to withdraw their troops from the area under full control of the Palestinian National Authority, to help improve the Palestinians' situation, to avoid actions enhancing mutual hostility. History shows that military operations only weaken Israel's security, according to the statement. As for Palestinian authorities, the statement emphasizes that they should act decisively to curb terrorist acts and other kinds of violence, neutralizing those who mastermind and perpetrate them. At the same time, Israelis and Palestinians should immediately start implementation of the Mitchell plan, according to the press-release. The document also points out that the only right way out for Israel and its Arab neighbours is to resume the peace process and move towards a comprehensive settlement. Russia, along with the US, the EU, and other parties advocating resolution of the Palestinian crisis, will continue its efforts to stop the bloodshed and resume the political dialogue, the document states.

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