US accused of illegal detention

More than 1,000 people are claimed to be detained in USA after September 11th, many illegally, according to civil rights groups.

The US Justice Department has confirmed that more than 1,000 people are currently detained, undergoing questioning about possible connections with the terrorist attacks on September 11th. Civil rights groups claim that since the government refuses to reveal the identities of the detainees, it is possible that there are more than the Justice Department admits.

Mindy Tucker, US Justice Department spokesperson, declared that all the detainees have the right to legal counsel and that the majority of those arrested (1,017 persons) are included in the group of infractions against the Federation, state or county. However, it is claimed that while the Justice Department reveals the number, it does not give out information on names or any further details. Consequently, a group of civil rights activists declare that they are going to sue the US government, demanding that the Justice Department reveals the names of the detainees, along with details on the accusation and place of detention.

Kate Martin, of the Center for National Security Studies, stated that “The secret detention of more than 800 people in recent weeks is frighteningly near to the practice of “disappearing persons” in Latin America”.

John Ashcroft. The US Justice Secretary, states that all police action in the arrest and detention of these persons has been performed in agreement with the law and under the procedure stipulated in the US Constitution.


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