Anticipating Moscow Summit Georgia's Authorities Make Another Propaganda Demarche Against Russia

The Georgian authorities still maintain that Russian airplanes have violated Georgia's air space in the last 24 hours despite a flat denial of the Russian side, which calls such accusations "utter absurdity". This time anti-Russian utterances have been echoed by Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze, who as is known is going to come to the summit of the Commonwealth of Independent States due in Moscow. According to an official press service report, on November 27-28 of this year the air space of Georgia was allegedly violated by six warplanes of the Russian armed forces, who bombed at around villages in the Pankisi gorge. In this connection, Eduard Shevardnadze has held an emergency conference, at which the Georgian power agencies, Foreign Ministry and local press organs have received "relative instructions". The Russian Defense Ministry and the mobile press center of the Russian armed forces have emphatically rejected already routine propaganda claims of Georgia. It is to be recalled that none of Georgia's preceding assertions regarding "bombings" has been confirmed in practice. "It is wholly absurd," Nikolai Deryabin, chief of the press service at the Russian Defense Ministry, told RIA Novosti. No Russian planes or helicopters "have taken off at night", he said.