Rabbani Voices Doubt About Bonn Conference's Decision On Composition Of Afghanistan's Provisional Government

Afghanistan's legitimate president Burhanuddin Rabbani has cast doubt on unbiasedness of the Bonn conference's decisions on the composition of the Afghan provisional government. Rabbani voiced hope that the decisions will be the last "act of foreign interference in Afghanistan's domestic affairs". He said that at a news conference arranged for foreign reporters in Kabul Wednesday. He pointed to the fact that many of the Northern Alliance political leaders had not approved of the Bonn conference decisions related to the distribution of portfolios either. The president wondered why those who had not been actively involved in the anti-Taliban struggle were given posts in the cabinet of ministers. He, however, came up in support of Hamid Karzai's candidature for premiership. Rabbani disproved reports on alleged discords between him and General Mohammad Fahim, Afghanistan's defence minister, interior minister Yunis Kanuni and foreign minister Abdullah Abdullo. However, the Afghan defence and foreign ministers are known to have earlier backed the Bonn conference-approved nominees to the provisional cabinet posts. The country's independent sources claim a major political fighting over the cabinet portfolios is ahead.

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