Pentagon To Make Public Bin Laden's Videotaped Records

On Thursday the Pentagon is due to release a videotape testifying to bin Laden's involvement in the September 11th terrorist act. On Thursday morning the US leading TV companies will broadcast the tape. According to officials, the release of the videotape showing bin Laden's conversation with a Saudi Sheikh whose name is kept secret was postponed on Wednesday because of some difficulties in decoding the record and translating it from Arab into English. Apart from military interpreters and the corresponding department of the White House, four independent expert linguists were brought in to dub the tape recordings. According to the administration, the task was complicated by the poor sound quality of the amateur videotaped records. The videotape was discovered by US secret services in a dwelling house in the Afghan town of Jelalabad liberated from the Taliban. According to the US media, the 40-minute videotape shows that terrorist No. one is sincerely rejoicing at the terrorist acts in the USA. Bin Laden allegedly admitted that he had advance construction knowledge to plan the terrorist acts and that helped him determine where and at what angle the airjets were to crash into the New York skyscrapers. Bin Laden is recorded as saying that soon after the first terrorist act he turned on a news programme and told those present that other news would soon follow. According to deputy secretary of defence Paul Wolfowitz and the higher US officials who followed suit, the broadcasting of the records will help assure those who still doubt bin Laden's culpability and refute the statements being voiced by supporters of the "conspiracy theory" alleging that the USA had organised the terrorist act itself.

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