Former PM Of Afghanistan Accuses The Interim Government Of Serving The Interests Of USA

Ex-Prime Minister of Afghanistan and leader of the Islamic Party of Afghanistan Gulbaddin Hekmatyar has accused the interim government in Kabul that it serves the interests of the United States. In an interview with the Qatar newspaper Al Vatan, the former ex-head of the Afghan government who has found refuge in Iran after the Taliban came to power, said that the interim Cabinet of Ministers "is acting under the dictation of Washington and carrying out its policy aimed at the establishment of American hegemony in Afghanistan and in the region as a whole." According to him, a secret agreement was allegedly concluded in Bonn that in the future the power in the country will go to the King and all the anti-American forces will be removed from governing the country. "The main aim of the present government is to prepare conditions for establishing the United States's supremacy in Afghanistan, to ensure a permanent American military presence and to make the occupation legitimate," pointed out Hekmatyar. He believes that the Taliban will continue to play a political role in Afghanistan, resisting American influence. And it is quite possible that the forces headed by it will not be called the Taliban movement.

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