A Prominent Afghan Leader Said That The Bonn Agreements Were Unjust

Prominent Pashtu leader Sayed Ahmad Gilani said that the agreements achieved in Bonn were unjust. At the news conference in Islamabad Gilani said that above all he was not satisfied with the distribution of the portfolios in the provisional government of Afghanistan. He asserted that in the first place "those who played an important role in the holy war against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan" had been disregarded. In this way, said Gilani, the provisional government "is not balanced." However, he expressed the hope that the United Nations would make additional efforts for creating proper conditions for a future just political regime in Afghanistan. Gilani underscored that the Taliban no longer existed as a religious and political movement but, according to him, "Talibs are part of the Afghan nation." Sayed Ahmad Gilani stands at the head of the National Islamic Front of Afghanistan and is a supporter of former King Zahir Shah. At the conference in Bonn he was represented by his son Khamed Gilani.