Peace-keeping Contingent May Be Formed Also Of Moslems

Moslem countries are ready to give their troop contingents for participation in the international peace-keeping operation in Afghanistan if such a request is received from the United Nations, Secretary-General of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Abdelwahid Belkaziz stated in Islamabad the day before at a press conference held jointly with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan Abdul Sattar. The head of Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs also said that his government had sent a proposal to the UN that the countries neighbouring on Afghanistan do not participate in forming the contingent of peace-keepers. Belkaziz and Sattar unanimously expressed support for the new provisional administration of Afghanistan headed by Hamid Karzai which was elected in Bonn at the conference of the representatives of four Afghan groupings. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan stated that Islamabad intended to "immediately resume relations with the leadership of the provisional Afghan administration, and our vanguard team is leaving for Kabul".

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