Viagra for Tigers

Chinese tigers are having...marital problems, their lack of sexual appetite placing the species in danger of extinction. Scientists have come up with the perfect stimulant: Viagra.

Sexual impotence in tigers has finally met its come-uppance, as the Committee for the Protection of the Tiger in Southern China has decided to administer Viagra to its male tiger population. Only one tiger cub has been born in captivity in China this year, bringing the total number of captive tigers in the country to 49.

Scientists have described the situation as “a question of life and death” and have outlined the main cause of the male tigers’ impotence: shyness. Tigers, like any other species, resent having to perform their sexual relations while being stared at by the public. The lack of private areas for intimate activity in zoological gardens is stated to be the principal cause of the problem.

Tigers are more selective than many other species in choosing a sexual partner. For this reason, it was decided to administer Viagra in massive doses to increase the males’ sexual appetite.

A word of warning to the keepers: keep your backs to the wall and be prepared to make a hasty exit from the tigers’ cage.


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