Russia's Foreign Ministry Unveils France-Germany-Russia Memorandum on Iraq

Russia, France and Germany propose that the United Nations chief weapons inspectors should "submit their programme of work for approval of the Council," reads a memorandum on Iraq proposed by the three countries. The Russian foreign ministry placed the full text of the memorandum on its web site Wednesday.

"The presentation of this programme of work should be speeded up, in particular the key remaining disarmament tasks to be completed by Iraq," believe the authors.

"What is required of Iraq for implementation of each task shall be clearly defined and precise." "Such a clear identification of tasks will oblige Iraq to co-operate more actively. It will also provide a clear means for the Council to assess the co-operation of Iraq." "The chief inspectors shall report the Council on implementation of the programme of work on a regular basis (every 3 weeks). A report assessing the progress made in completing the tasks shall be submitted by the inspectors 120 days after the adoption of the programme of work," according to the memorandum.

"At any time the inspectors shall report immediately to the Council any interference by Iraq with inspections activities as well as failure by Iraq to comply with its disarmament obligations." Paris, Berlin and Moscow believe the inspections should be strengthened. Related measures could include: "increase and diversification of staff and expertise; establishment of mobile units designed in particular to check on trucks; completion of the new system of aerial surveillance." "To render a possible peaceful solution inspectors should be given the necessary time and resources." "However, they cannot continue indefinitely," emphasises the document. "The combination of a clear programme of action, reinforced inspections, a clear timeline and the military build-up provide a realistic means to reunite the Security Council and to exert maximum pressure on Iraq," insist France, Germany and Russia.

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