Situation with national minorities in Kosovo is catastrophic

Despite the fact that after the end of war the overall situation in Kosovo improved a little, the situation with national minorities remains catastrophic, to say the least, reports the International Crisis Group in a statement published on Friday. The group sharply criticized the UN Civil Mission in Kosovo and the interim government of the region for their passive attitude toward assuring the return of refugees to their native territories. This issue has been definitely politicized, the statement emphasizes.

In addition, the group accused the authorities of neglecting the situation of those who had already returned. After visiting several Serb enclaves and checking the living conditions there, the group sharply criticized Kosovo's President Ibrahim Rugova for his passivity, for acting as the defender of Albanians and his own political party, instead of fulfilling his responsibilities as the president of all Kosovo citizens.

The International Crisis Group also addressed the political leaders of Kosovo Serbs, recommending that they should fight for the rights of their compatriots through the transitional governmental bodies.

The NATO didn't intervene in 1999 for the sake of creating a mono-ethnic Kosovo territory without Serbs, and the future status of the region must be determined in such a way that it satisfies the interests of all minorities. But before that, it's necessary to increase the level of security, improve living conditions of people, especially national minorities, the report from the International Crisis Group on Human Rights in Kosovo and Metohija states.

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