Uzbekistan fears

Peace and stability were still distant mainly in the neighbour country Afghanistan because of the slow inflow of reconstruction assistance. Uzbekistan fears that if discontent within the people of Afghanistan rises again then it may have grave and dangerous consequences. Uzbekistan will have a bicameral legislation and also has a positive attitude towards India's intention to enter into Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Addressing a press conference at the opening session of the 10th session of the Uzbek Parliament (Oliy Majlis) today the President, Islam Karimov told that the Uzbek Army would be next to none in the future and our country is making all possible efforts to this end. As for Afghanistan, he said that peace and stability were still distant due to the slow inflow of assistance. It is therefore imminent that the UN step in and assist in this regard. Karimov informed the press that Uzbekistan has decided that like other developed countries, it will also have a bicameral legislation. He stressed on stronger political parties and added that from the new year Uzbekistan is going also to change some taxes rules. Answering a question Uzbek president criticise a Russian TV channel and Moscow mayor for an interview. Karimov blamed that the programme which was telecasted by a Russian channel was specially booked by someone.

Answering to India about SCO membership, Karimov told that Uzbekistan-India relations were developing well and “we have deep respect towards traditions, closeness of our people from view of culture, mentality and life views. We think that India carries out a peaceful policy; it is a powerful state with huge potential and the future of India is of such nature that many will be envious at this country hence Uzbekistan has a positive attitude towards India's intention to enter into Shanghai Cooperation Organization, added Karimov. It may be mentioned here that SCO consisted of four former Soviet Republics, including the Russian Federation and China. Uzbekistan has also joined this organisation and became a co-founding nation. During the Russian President Putin visit to India, he also told that India's participation in joint work within that organisation would help to enhance.

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