Biden and Trump prefer to call each other names rather than discuss Ukraine and Middle East

Biden and Trump avoid talking about both Ukraine and Middle East

US President Joe Biden and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump did not make specific statements as far as US foreign policy issued were concerned. Both Trump and Biden ignored the crises in Ukraine and the Middle East.

Columnist Kelley Beaucar Vlahos expressed her concerns in an article for Responsible Statecraft publication.

"On Ukraine and Israel, President Biden and former President Trump inflated, conflated, and bloviated their way through 11 minutes of foreign policy discussion, only turning back to the topics in fleeting moments of taunting incoherence during the rest of the time on the stage," the columnist wrote.

The Biden-Trump debate was a complete disappointment, Vlahos believes. Neither of the presidential candidates proposed concrete measures for the United States regarding the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East. According to Vlahos, Trump's rhetoric about his intention to end the conflict in Ukraine was nothing more than unfounded braggery, whereas Biden's ideas were completely divorced from reality.

Biden and Trump proceeded to insult each other 20 minutes into the pre-election debate. In particular, Biden called Trump "sucker" and "loser." Trump noted in response that Biden should apologize for such words, but the sitting president preferred not to.

The Biden-Trump debate took place in Atlanta, Georgia. The event was organized by CNN. The United States presidential election is scheduled for November 5, 2024.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov