Robert Kennedy Jr. says Washington does not want weak Russia

US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. said that the weakening of Russia was not beneficial for the United States. Even more so, it comes contrary to Washington's national security interests.

The politician, along with two other candidates, Marianne Williamson and Cornel West, answered a question from Responsible Statecraft online magazine about whether the US administration should begin negotiations to end the conflict in Ukraine.

According to Kennedy, the United States now believes that the confrontation serves US national interests as Russia gets weaker, but such an approach is wrong for two reasons.

Weak and unstable Russia will reduce USA security, Kennedy believes. The United States and the world will benefit if Russia knows Washington i not trying to destroy it, Robert Kennedy Jr. believes.

Democrat Marianne Williamson called to avoid a protracted conflict similarly to the one in Afghanistan. According to her, Washington needs peace negotiations.

Previously, Kennedy promised that he would end the conflict in Ukraine in 100 days. He also expressed confidence that the terms on which the conflict would end would be better than anyone could reasonably expect.

Former US President Donald Trump also said that if elected President, he would end the confrontation in Ukraine within 24 hours. The politician noted that he thinks not in categories of victory or defeat, but in categories of resolution.

Independent candidate Cornel West said the Ukrainian crisis was beyond the national interest of the United States. A diplomatic settlement is a responsibility of the American president that must lead this process together with partners in Europe, Asia and Africa. According to Cornel, he will leave Ukraine no choice but to participate in the diplomatic process if elected President.

US presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswami also believes that the conflict in Ukraine should come to an end as quickly as possible. He called on Washington to agree to cede Ukraine's lost regions to Russia.

Ramaswami also promised that in case of his victory in the 2024 election, he would not let Ukraine into NATO. In return, Russia would cease military cooperation with China, remove nuclear weapons from Kaliningrad and abandon its military presence in the Western Hemisphere.

Former Pentagon adviser Douglas McGregor believes that the conflict in Ukraine was the most rash decision that US President Joe Biden has made. According to McGregor, Ukraine was the stupidest decision of the Biden administration and US Congress. The war is lost, and the Ukrainian nation is being exterminated, Douglas McGregor believes.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov