Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin: News conferences in Israel and China

US President Joe Biden met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Key statements from Biden:

Biden said that he arrived in Israel as a sign of support from the United States;

The United States will ensure the receipt of all assistance necessary for Israel's defense;

More than 1,300 people, including 31 US citizens, became victims of attacks by the radical Palestinian group Hamas in Israel;

Biden believes it was not Israel, but the "other team” that was responsible for the attack on the Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City;

Biden compared Palestinian movement Hamas with Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS, banned in Russia).

Key statements from Netanyahu:

Netanyahu thanked Biden for the unconditional support of the United States;

Israel is waging an existential struggle with Palestinian organisation Hamas fighting "on the side of civilisation." The whole world should unite around the Jewish State in this fight.

  • Germany will give priority to Israel in terms of arms exports — media to government sources
  • The number of people killed as a result of Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip exceeded 3,300 people, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said.

Putin: Russian Kinzhal missiles to control airspace over Black Sea

Vladimir Putin holds a press conference following the results of One Belt, One Road forum.

Key statements from Vladimir Putin's speech:

Putin called the attack on a hospital in Gaza a "terrible event”, a catastrophe;

Putin expects that the hospital tragedy in Gaza will be a signal for the conflict to end or conduct negotiations;

The leaders of the Middle East do not want the conflict to continue and evolve into a full-scale war;

ATACMS supplies to Ukraine cause harm and create an additional threat, but the Russian Federation will be able to repel such attacks;

ATACMS missiles will not change the situation on the contact line dramatically. Supplying ATACMS missiles will only prolong Ukraine's agony;

Putin called the supply of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine another mistake that Washington made;

Kiev has long announced an offensive in the Kherson direction, but there is no result — there are only losses instead;

With their supplies of long-range missiles to Ukraine, the United States is getting involved into the conflict in Ukraine even further;

Putin instructed the Russian Aerospace Forces to stat missions to constantly patrol airspace over the Black Sea. Military aircraft with Kinzhal missiles will be used for the purpose;

Putin does not believe that contradictions between the Gaza Strip and the rest of Palestine indicate hostility between them;

Russia has always advocated the creation of the sovereign Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem, this is not related to the current conflict;

Putin believes that the emergence of the independent state of Palestine will create conditions for lasting peace;

Putin said that peace negotiations on Ukraine do not require "theatrical gestures” — Kiev needs to abolish the decree that banned such negotiations;

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Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff
Editor Dmitry Sudakov