Viktor Medvedchuk suggests three conditions to end conflict in Ukraine

Viktor Medvedchuk proposes three conditions for peace in Ukraine

Viktor Medvedchuk, formerly the leader of Opposition Platform - For Life Party, currently chairman of the board of the Other Ukraine movement, named three conditions for a settlement of the conflict in Ukraine.

According to him, the West needs to recognise the interests and sovereignty of the countries that are not related to the Western world. One also needs to understand the priority of human life over any political interests and build a new security system.

"The first condition is recognition of both the interests and sovereignty of the countries that are not related to the West. Russia, like any other country, must have guarantees that it will not be subject to military intervention of the “export of democracy” on the part of the West," Medvedchuk wrote in an article for Arguments and Facts newspaper.

Without such guarantees, any country could be declared corrupt, aggressive, backward and undemocratic, and the West may thus use it as a justification for military intervention.

The second important condition is the priority of human life over political interests.

"Ukraine has long become a state where human life, citizens's rights and opinions do not matter at all. When Western politicians call it democracy, one is left to wonder what they mean by democracy at all," Viktor Medvedchuk wrote. 

The West is funnelling weapons into Ukraine while doing nothing to try to stop the conflict and all the killings. To crown it all, one needs to build a new security system as the world has come to a dangerous point, he believes. 

"One needs to create conditions for common security, not just for the security of NATO member countries or other military alliances. In order to do this, the political landscape should be upgraded. In the current situation, it makes no practical or even theoretical sense to talk about negotiations with Ukraine without linking them with the new architecture of international security," Medvedchuk wrote. 

In August, Medvedchuk predicted the inevitable destruction of Ukraine. It is impossible to build a country “on grievances, stupidity, fanaticism and cruelty,” and the Ukrainian elite can not offer anything else to its people, he said. Ukraine will be able to overcome all challenges if it unites with the like-minded peoples of Belarus and Russia, the politician added. 

"Zelensky sets ambitious military and political goals for the country, and the West only pats him on the head and generously supplies weapons and money," Medvedchuk wrote. 

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov