Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma arrives in Moscow on a two-day routine visit

Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma has arrived in Moscow on a two-day routine visit. The current visit was agreed upon by the Russian and Ukrainian presidents over the telephone on Sunday, August 4th, Vladimir Putin said at a traditional meeting with members of the government Monday.

The forthcoming Thursday talks are expected to focus on trade and economic relations between the two countries.

In addition, Putin and Kuchma are to discuss Russian-Ukrainian strategic partnership in energy and gas spheres, in particular, the formation of a consortium on the management and development of Ukraine's gas transportation sphere. The agreement on the consortium was achieved by the presidents in St. Petersburg on June 9th.

The talks involving representatives of the Russian and Ukrainian governments, will also focus on the coordination of Russian and Ukrainian actions in relations with international financial and economic organisations, first of all, with the WTO, the press service of the Russian president told RIA Novosti.

The current visit by Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma to Russia is the continuation of an active, constructive and confidential political dialogue, meeting the strategic character of Russian-Ukrainian relations, the press service of the Russian president concluded.