New Flight Safety System Is Sweden's 'Weapon' in Talks over Air Space Regulations in Russia

The VDL mode 4 flight safety system has become Sweden's 'weapon' in talks with Russia over the use of Russian air space for Swedish air carriers. A representative of the Per-Anders Ortendal negotiations group told a Rosbalt correspondent that the Swedish authorities are hoping that Russia will make a concession in exchange and help with the testing and introduction of the new navigation system.

VDL mode 4, which was created by the Swedish inventor Hokan Lans, is a satellite navigation system which can identify the position of an aeroplane in relation to other aircraft. Last year the UN recognised VDL mode 4 as the standard flight safety system.

The Swedish government is ready to offer Russia about USD 5 million for the testing and introduction of VDL mode 4. In return the Swedes are hoping to receive Russian authorization to use Russian air space for Swedish air carriers flying from Kallax to the north of Sweden.

The airport in Swedish Kallax was built in the hope that it would be a major port of call for air carriers flying from Europe to Asia. However Russia's refusal to allow transit flights across Siberia meant that the airport has hardly been used.

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