Bashar Assad: The West has failed to break Syria

While the West does not abandon attempts to establish its supremacy in the Middle East, Syria and Russia remain opposed to these attempts, Syrian President Bashar Assad said on Sunday speaking at a meeting of diplomatic workers at the Syrian Foreign Ministry. According to Assad, Syria's principled stand in defence of its national sovereignty was the cause of the war against the country.

"The Syrians have paid a very high price for the conspiracy of the West and the Muslim Brotherhood to fail, but the price of resistance is lower than the price of surrender," Bashar Assad said. According to him, "the battle is not over, it continues, and current humanitarian initiatives are to achieve what terrorists could not achieve," Syrian television said.

The President of Syria pointed out the support that Syria receives from friendly countries in the fight against terrorism, particularly economic and military assistance from Iran and Russia.

"Russia defended Syria at the Security Council and then sent its armed forces here. Its soldiers heroically perished on Syrian land," Assad said, adding that "chapters will be written in history books in honour of those who helped Syria stand."

At the same time, the Syrian president believes that there are no reasons for Syria to trust Turkey and its President Recep Erdogan, who had "provided support to terrorist groups." According to Assad, "any type of Turkey's presence in Syria is an act of occupation."


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