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US fears ISIS cyberattack - Justice Department

Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the United States, claimed that the 'Islamic State' terror group can carry out a massive cyberattack on the US.

Lynch explained, that 'it is a dangerous, high-tempo threat environment,' adding that the tactics are 'still new to us'. According to her, the IS is a more serious threat than al Qaeda, because of active use of social networks to crimp the Americans.

She also noted, that the IS makes use of completely new tactics, leading unprecedented social media campaign. "They've got over 20,000 English-language Twitter followers."

Lynch warned that new technology is making it harder than ever for authorities to identify and determine "who is going to succumb to the propaganda."

"As people get drawn more and more into the rhetoric, they move off of [more mainstream] platforms ... into encrypted platforms into which we don't have visibility," she claimed.

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