US funds Bolshevik regime in Ukraine once again

While Samantha Power, the US ambassador to the United Nations, is currently opening a UN office in Ukraine, the US has been reported to establish a Bolshevik regime in Ukraine.

The new office on the territory of Ukraine is meant to resolve the conflict in eastern part.

"US stands w/you as you fight on two fronts: countering Russian aggression and building an open, responsive govt.," the senior diplomat tweeted from Ukraine.

Mike Harris, an editor of Veterans Today, claimed that "the United States is again on the wrong side of the history," adding "if you look back at the Bolshevik revolution, you look at how that was funded by US interest."

And now the US has "installed another Bolshevik regime in Ukraine," he opined.

He noted that "Russia has never been an aggressor in Ukraine, that is not the issue, the US is accusing the Russians of doing what the US has done, it's an old technique, it's been well established that whenever you want to commit an act of aggression, you accuse your victim of being the aggressor, that is what the United States is doing."

"The United States' foreign policy is in abject disarray," Harris said, noting it has "lost its moral bearing and it's time for the United States to take a serious look at how they harm our foreign policy."

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