Rosoboronexport Presents a Broad Range of Anti-Ship, Anti-Submarine and Naval Air Defence Systems at Paris Exhibition

At the international Euronaval-2002 exhibition, which opens on October 21 in the Paris suburb of Le Bourget, the Rosoboronexport, a federal state unitary enterprise of Russia, displays a broad range of anti-submarine, anti-ship and naval air defence systems in the form of models, posters and video films.

As the RIA Novosti correspondent was told the day before by a spokesman for the Rosoboronexport, "the Russian anti-submarine, anti-ship, air defence artillery systems, which have a high fire power, accuracy of fire, endurance and reliability, always attract a great attention abroad." At the Euronaval-2002 exhibition, Russia displays unique anti-ship missile systems with heavy supersonic Moskit and Yakhont missiles. As the Rosoboronexport spokesman underscored, the Moskit missile, for example, is capable to hit a big sea target overcoming any existing air defence and missile defence ship systems thanks to its tremendous impact of the explosion of the charge on the target and the kinetic blow of the missile of three tons which develops a speed of 2.5 Mach.

Another interesting display is a new universal system of the Club type (Club-N for surface crafts and Club-S for submarines). This system includes three missiles: a subsonic cruise missile, a subsonic cruise missile with a supersonic warhead to hit surface crafts and a ballistic missile with a target-seeking torpedo to hit submarines.

Apart from them, there are also much cheaper anti-craft missile systems of the Uran type and smaller missile and artillery systems of the Storm and Attack type which are capable to hit small ships and subsonic air targets.

The air defence craft systems are represented at the exhibition by the Klinok and Shtil-1 missile systems, the Kashtan air defence - artillery system and the Palma air defence artillery system with Sosna-R hypersonic guided missiles.

Rosoboronexport also displays torpedo weapons, carrier-based helicopters, craft systems for detecting surface, underwater air targets, military control systems and coastal missile and artillery systems.

According to the Rosoboronexport spokesman, "potential clients are offered at the Euronaval-2002 exhibition not only modern naval military equipment but also comprehensive solutions to the problems of national defence at sea, taking into account their economic possibilities." The exhibition will last 'til October 25.

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