Shakira spices up her dance moves

Pop singer Shakira plans to add some Indian spice to her next music video, mixing in Bollywood dance moves with her own brand of Latin hip-swivelling, an Indian choreographer said.

Shakira, in the news for her suggestive music and moves, loved the Indian steps choreographed by Farah Khan during a performance at last month's MTV Video Music Awards in New York and wanted the dances blended into her video, Khan told The Times of India newspaper.

"Shakira is so impressed with the classical and semi-classical mudras (dance steps) I made her do for the song she performed at the MTV awards that she expressed a desire to work with me," said Khan. "She is definitely clued in to Bollywood dance and wants me to incorporate it in her next music video, which she wants me to direct for her."

One of Bollywood's top choreographers, Khan directed a hit Hindi-language movie "Main Hoon Naa" or "I'm Here" two years ago, AP reports.

Shakira, who hails from Colombia, may also feature in a dance sequence in Khan's new movie "Om Shanti Om," which is to be released later this year, said the director. Like nearly all Bollywood films, her movie will be peppered with song and dance routines.