American girls deported from Russia for drinking vodka

American students Leslie Smith and Jenny Shark were deported from Nizhni Novgorod for inadequate behavior in a state of alcoholic intoxication. A group of American students arrived in the city of Nizhni Novgorod on the base of an exchange program on March 5th. The students were originally settled in the University campus, where they studied the Russian language, literature and culture. Afterwards, the students moved in with local families. Jenny Shark started living with the family of Kruglovs.

Jenny would often hang out with her American friends after studies: the students would gather in a cafe or in a bowling club and then they would return home at night. The tradition was broken on March 30th.

When Jenny did not return home at her usual time, the Kruglovs called one of her friends and the latter told them that Jenny and Leslie had had too much vodka in the bowling club. The drunken girls hitched a lift and went home, although they did not arrive to the point of destination.

Jenny Shark was later found in a hospital. As it turned out, the girl fell down and hit her head against the ground. Leslie Smith was found in a sobering-up station. The girls could not give a distinct explanation of what they were drinking. They only remember that they had had some beer in a club at first and then bought a bottle of vodka in a kiosk. Their memories stopped on that moment.

As it turned out, the two American girls were taken to a local police station the same night. The organizers of the student exchange program and the Kruglovs family arrived at the station too. Jenny Shark decided to be crafty: she gathered herself up and tried to look well. Student Smith had to be hospitalized with strong alcoholic intoxication.

It is worth mentioning that American students had to sign a special contract prior to their departure to Russia. The contract prohibited them from drinking alcohol, smoking and taking drugs. If such a breach of contract occurs, transgressors will have to be deported from Russia. This rule eventually determined the fate of the two American girls, who proved to be so careless with the strong Russian drink: the girls left back home to the States on April 11th. One of the managers of the exchange programs said that it became the first occurrence of the kind throughout 11 years of the program's existence. The decision to deport the two American girls from Russia was made by the program administration in the USA. In addition, they can be expelled from their universities.

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