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New device to hit Moscow sex stores

A new sex device is to hit Moscow sex shops in the near future. One may call it the "lazy thing" - it is a vibrator, produced by one of the German companies. The vibrator is used to intensify the pleasant feeling of oral sex.

The "lazy thing" is reminiscent of a rubber respirator. A woman puts it on her head, placing the little vibrating latex cylinder between her lips. The cylinder makes the oral cavity vibrate, giving extra oral pleasure to a partner. The new vibrator does not require any movements from an individual - the "lazy thing" will bring the act to its end by itself. A woman may relax and think about a new pair of shoes she has seen in a store, for instance. The oral vibrator can be very helpful to hardworking men too: they will not have to take much effort to make their sexual partners experience one of the best orgasms.