Woman kills puppy for chewed sandals

Fifty-year-old Muscovite threw a two-month old German shepherd puppy out of the window. The woman said she did that because of the "zoo, the children arranged in the apartment." One of Moscow's police departments filed a criminal case against the woman accused of killing the puppy.

The woman threw the little dog out of the window of her apartment situated on the fifth story of the apartment block. The woman said that her own children had driven her to insanity. The children, the woman said, were always bringing home all kinds of pets, but they were not watching over them at all.

At first the children brought two rats (the lady could not stand the view of rats), then they brought two puppies. The children lost one of the puppies during a walk, the woman said, but the remaining one was more than just enough for her. The two-month-old little German shepherd pooped everywhere and ripped the wallpaper.

When the dog chewed a pair of children's sandals, it became the last straw. The lady went mad, she grabbed the little dog and threw it out of the window without hesitation. The fall killed the puppy immediately. The woman will have to go on trial for her brutality.

Another Moscow pensioner has been recently sentenced to six months on probation for killing a cat. The cat infuriated the old man and he threw it out of the window.

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