Sexually frustrated chimp smokes cigarettes and spits at visitors

Employees of a Chinese zoo are facing a very serious problem. A charming disciplined chimpanzee became an aggressive, petulant animal. Because of the animal's sexual misfortunes, the chimpanzee started smoking cigarettes and spitting at visitors. The director of the zoo, Liu Bing, said that Feili, a female chimp, started irritating the visitors with her behavior. “The chimpanzee spits and smokes cigarettes,” a shocked Chinese boy said. “Someone threw a cigarette butt at her, but she picked it up and tried to smoke it.”

As it turned out, Feili's aggressive behavior is explained with her sexual frustration. She cannot find a male chimp, who would meet her sexual demands. The male chimp, who shared a cage with her at the zoo, proved to be ‘weak’ for her, and Feili dismissed him. The willful female repulsed all other candidacies too. Spokespeople for the zoo administration say that the chimp has not become addicted to nicotine yet. Feili has been exercising her bravery and quick-wittedness to get a cigarette from visitors.

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