Horrific video shows man dousing ex-girlfriend with gasoline and setting her on fire

WARNING: The video is extremely graphic and disturbing. Watch at your own discretion.

A man doused his ex-girlfriend with gasoline and set her on fire in the town of Serpukhov near Moscow.

The attack occurred in the morning of September 23. The suspect is a 49-year-old native of Azerbaijan.

Eyewitnesses rushed to help the woman. They extinguished the fire and called an ambulance. She is currently in intensive care. The man is still on the loose.

The 37-year-old woman asked her mother-in-law from her first marriage to look after her two sons and did not return home that night. Early in the morning of September 23 she was returning home with a bouquet of flowers in her hands. Her ex-boyfriend was waiting for her near the entrance to the apartment building where the woman lived. The man attacked her, threw the flowers into the bushes, doused the woman with gasoline and set her on fire with a lighter.

Eyewitnesses came running to the cries for help and helped the victim put out the fire. Doctors later said that the woman suffered second degree burns to her neck, arms and torso.

The woman's neighbours said that they could often hear screams, loud noise and male voices in her apartment.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov