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Tall volleyball player withdrawn from low cost airline flight

Russia's Investigative Committee will look into the actions of the police of the city of Samara, where a volleyball player of Fakel Club was withdrawn from a flight of Pobeda low cost airline. The volleyball player, Alexander Kimerov, was withdrawn from the flight because the athlete allegedly broke the rules of the airline.

Alexander Kimerov, a 20-year-old forward of Fakel volleyball club from Noviy Urengoy, was uncomfortable in his seat because the young man was above average stature. Kimerov agreed to swap seats with a female passenger, to be able to stretch his legs. However, the rules of the low cost airline exclude changing seats. Passengers can book specific seats for themselves for an extra fee when buying a ticket.

As a result of the incident, a conflict sparked between Kimerov and airline employees.

"The stewardess said that those seats were more expensive than plain seats, and she refused to accept the payment right on the sport, when I suggested so," Kimerov said," Interfax reports.

"I am 2 meters 15 centimeters tall and I physically could not take my seat, I had to stick my knees out in the aisle," the volleyball player said.

The employees of the airline called the police, and police officers asked Kimerov to leave the plane.

As a result of the incident, the flight was delayed for 40 minutes. Alexander Kimerov flew to Moscow on another plane.

Pobeda airline intends to take a legal action against the player to collect the costs incurred by the delay of the flight. Representatives of the airline said that the time of the delay was critical for the schedule. They also said that the volleyball player was withdrawn from the flight because of his "vibrant aggression and numerous insults of members of the crew." To crown it all, the athlete promised to arrange a "show" during the flight.

Director of Fakel volleyball club, Nikolai Kapranov, said that he had no intention to go to court, although he was expecting an apology from representatives of the airline administration.