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Women's urinals spark controversy in Austria

In Salzburg, Austria, women will soon be able to learn how to use urinals in public restrooms

The first few urinals for women were installed in 2002, but in 13 years, women have hardly ever used them. Now local officials and urinal makers are going to install new ones, the cost of which goes up to 21,000 euros, The Local reports. 

The manufacturers of alternative toilets said that they were disappointed with the reaction of the female population to their products. According to them, women do not need to contact the urinals when using them. 

In addition, urinals use less water than conventional toilet bowls. Nevertheless, Salzburg women said that they were not going to use urinals in public toilets. The devices force women take an uncomfortable position, whereas some women take them for men's rooms and do not go to the ladies' rooms where women's urinals are installed. 


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