Chicago police officers treat blacks as animals they hunt for

More than ten years ago, two former police officers from Chicago made an African-American man wear deer antlers on his head for a photo, Pravda.Ru reports. 

The two white officers, Timothy McDermott and Jerome Finnigan, were holding rifles above the black man's head, as if he was an animal that the officers had captured.  The photo is believed to have been taken some time between 1999 and 2003, but was exposed to public eye after it was published in the Chicago Sun-Times on Wednesday. 

"Appearing to treat an African-American man not as a human being but as a hunted animal is disgraceful and shocks the conscience," a Chicago police department review board said.

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However, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel tried to justify the police department of the city, Pravda.Ru says. 

"That photo does not represent the values of the city of Chicago that we all share in common," Emanuel told reporters. "It doesn't represent the values of the police department."

The black man in the photo was never charged with a crime and it was thus impossible to identify him. 

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