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Russia has no other alternative but integration in world space

President Vladimir Putin is convinced that Russia has no other alternative but the integration inещ the world space.

"Russia is being opened to the world. This process will go on," Mr. Putin said at the meeting with top officials in the Kremlin.

Meanwhile, Russia is not ready enough to combat new threats, he noted.

"Getting all advantages of integration into the world economy and humanitarian space, we face all the world's problems and unlike many other countries we are not ready enough to fight against them effectively for several reasons," the head of state stressed.

"However, there is no other alternative than Russia's integration. On the other hand, we cannot be lumbered by criminals, terrorists and people striving for Russia's destruction. Otherwise, our efforts make no sense," Vladimir Putin said.

"To prevent this we should consolidate political stability in Russia, boost economic growth and effectively solve social problems," he emphasized.

"An efficient mechanism of power ministries is needed to fulfill these tasks," the President went on.

"We gathered in the Kremlin, in this solemn and very beautiful St. George's Hall, the hall of Russia's military glory. But we know that, unfortunately, our country does not look so beautiful as this hall so far," the Russian leader said.

According to him, "Russia faces many political, economic and security problems and crimes against the life and health of our people".

Representatives of the Defense Ministry, Interior Ministry, Emergencies Ministry, Federal Security Service, Foreign Intelligence Service, Federal Service for Control over Trafficking of Drugs and Psychotropic Substances and Military Prosecutor General's Office were invited in the St. George's Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Vladimir Putin congratulated 42 top officers on their promotion and reminded them of their responsibility to Russia.

"The security of this country and its people depends on you and your responsibility for your work," the President said.

This promotion is "a high state assessment of servicemen's work and merits", Vladimir Putin added.

In the beginning of the ceremony each officer introduced himself to the commander-in-chief. After the ceremony everyone raised glasses of champagne and the head of state wished them success.