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Russian readers say nothing new on Monica in Clinton's memoirs

The first Russians to read English version of Bill Clinton's book, "My Life," were disappointed to find that the book contained nothing new about Monica Lewinsky. The book caused a stir when it was released in the United States in July.

After the scandal with his intern, Mr. Clinton almost lost his presidency and his family. His reputation was tarnished and he was forced to describe the intimate details of his adultery under oath.

"Of course, the unprecedented demand for Clinton's memoirs is because Americans want to learn anything new about Lewinsky," said Sergei Turko, the deputy editor of the Alpina, the publishing house that is translating Mr. Clinton's book into Russian. "But unfortunately, there is only a certain story that lacks details."

The new project to translate the book into Russian was presented at RIA Novosti.

Editor in chief of Knizhnoye Obozreniye Alexander Gavrilov said that Mr. Clinton's memoirs were very useful, particularly the part on emerging from the deep psychological crisis caused by the legal proceedings. "In particular, this part of the book is certain to be successful with Russian readers," he said. "The experience of failure and overcoming failure - this experience will be useful anywhere."