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The Interior Minister Satisfied With Cooperation Between Russia and Georgia

The head of the Russian Interior Ministry, Boris Gryzlov, exoressed satisfaction with cooperation between the Russian and Georgian law enforcement bodies in the Pankisi Gorge.

"Of late, our cooperation with Georgian colleagues in the work in this direction has become much better. We have carried out joint operations, a number of criminals have been destroyed or detained, or and deported to Russia. Thus, we have achieved understanding of the importance of joint and efficient activity. Our law enforcers continue cooperation in clearing the Pankisi Gorge," said the Russian Interior Minister.

Boris Gryzlov arrived in Tbilisi on Tuesday to attend the session of the Council of the Interior Ministers of the CIS member-countries.

"At each such session we take another step towards better efficiency of the interior bodies of the Commonwealth of Independent States," Boris Gryzlov told reporters.

Among the most important questions on the agenda of the session, the Russian Interior Minister emphasised the fight against terrorism, illegal migration and economic crimes.