Chechnya to Be Reconstructed Within 3-4 Years?

The reconstruction of Chechnya's infrastructure is possible within 3 or 4 years, believes Akhmar Zavgayev. He is a member of the Federation Council (the upper chamber of Russia's parliament) from the Chechen Republic, participating in the second congress of the United Russia party, which has opened in Moscow.

Supporting "the economic autonomy" of Chechnya, Zavgaev expressed his total dislike for the plans of creating an offshore zone in Chechnya. According to him, Chechnya must develop "economically-profitable and labour-intensive sectors, like vine-growing, wine-making, flower- and vegetable-growing". Rapid development of the building industry in Chechnya will speed up economic rehabilitation, he added.

Akhmar Zavgaev has set high store by the role of United Russia in bringing life to normalcy in Chechnya. "The United Russia party has played a positive role in the conduct of the constitution referendum in Chechnya", he said. Noting that the party began work in Chechnya in very difficult conditions, senator Zavgaev stressed that United Russia would have to participate in "the rehabilitation of Chechnya's economy, the struggle against crime and creation of new jobs".